CharlottedogCharlotte Lowry was a devoted Christian who had a passion for life and helping others.  Those who knew her were blessed by her kindness.  My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 67. As the disease progressed, my father and I shared the duties as family caregivers. Due to the emotional strain, we decided to have someone come to our home and assist in her care. Fortunately we were blessed and found just the right person for mom. Through all the challenges we have faced with my mother, I truly believe that God has placed angels in her life to take care of her. Through my experiences, I have learned that not everyone has been as blessed as my mother.  This has become my mission, to provide quality home care that understands the needs of the family and awareness for the Alzheimer’s disease.  They always say things happen for a reason, now I know why, my mother’s angels will carry on.


“Power of Prayer”
by Hailey R.
Age 12, 2008

The power of prayer has helped me in a lot of situations through my life when it has its ups and downs.  My grandma Charlotte was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease back in 2001, which has progressed greatly through the years.  At this point, she cannot really do anything by herself.  This year, she fractured her hip for the second time.  My mom and I, along with the rest of the family, prayed to God and asked him to heal her.  I had found out later that the doctors found a serious infection that could have been life-threatening; my family honestly thought she wasn’t going to make it.  Not much later, I had found out she was out of the hospital, which was great!  I knew that God was listening to everything we had asked, and with the power of praying to him, it all worked out.  Today she is in a nursing home, having visitors every single day.  I still pray for her because she is now having trouble with eating, and she doesn’t remember what is going on, at all.  I know everyone wishes she could  be back to her old self, because she was a great Christian lady, who was willing to help anybody who needed it.  I pray that there is still hope in the doctors to find a cure for this horrible disease.  Until that day comes, I know God and his    angels will be watching over my grandma.  The power of prayer has been very effective, even when life takes its twists and turns, it will all be okay with God’s pics-075