Charlotte’s Angels Receives Music & Memory Certification

Music_Memory_LogoCharlotte’s Angels is pleased to announce that we have received our MUSIC & MEMORY℠ Certification which makes our Agency the only home care agency in the State of Missouri to be certified through Dan Cohen’s MUSIC & MEMORY℠ Program. We have joined a network of over 1000 facilities and agencies across 45 states and 8 countries that promote the MUSIC & MEMORY℠ Therapeutic Program. It is the program’s goal to make personalized therapeutic music a standard of care throughout the health care industry. We have already started working with our dementia clients here in Joplin providing the therapeutic personalized music in the home and are seeing amazing results.

Why It Works
• The brain ties music to memory
• The personalized therapeutic music enables the listener to reconnect, regain social skills and live more fully

Therapeutic Benefits of Personalized Music
• Finally, a way to give pleasure to persons with advanced dementia
• Offers an enjoyable, fulfilling activity for persons in dialysis, on vent or bed-bound
• Increases cooperation and attention, reduces resistance to care—a real boost for staff morale
• Reduces agitation and sundowning
• Enhances engagement and socialization, fostering a calmer social environment
• Provides a valuable tool for the effort to reduce reliance on anti-psychotic medications
• Provides uplifting positive energy to staff members and family caregivers

Music and the Brain

Oliver Sacks on Music, Memory and Emotion

Oliver Sacks, M.D., noted neurologist and best-selling author of Musicophilia, discusses the impact of personalized music on people suffering from Alzheimer’s and severe memory loss.

 The past which is not recoverable in any other way is embedded, as if in amber, in the music, and people can regain a sense of identity. . . — Oliver Sacks

About Lisa Lowry McDowell

Founder / CEO, Lisa Lowry McDowell – Lisa, a native of Joplin Missouri, founded Charlotte’s Angels in 2008 after seeing the need first hand that Joplin needed a home care agency that understood Alzheimer’s and the progression of the disease. Through Lisa’s direction and leadership she has made Charlotte’s Angels the leader in providing home care services in the SW Missouri Area. Lisa’s passion to help families who are affected by Alzheimer’s has created an Angel Team dedicated to Alzheimer’s Specialty Care .